Leelawadee ´╗┐Southampton

I’m lucky enough to have a friend who treated me to this lovely prawn pad Thai. It’s her favourite restaurant in Southampton and we were feeling peckish, so we thought why not! Their lunch deals are so cheap for what you are given.

We had simple starters of prawn toast and satay chicken, followed by pad Thai. You can instantly tell that the food is all cooked from fresh. The presentation is always spot on and the service from the waitress was fab! She welcomed us in a cultural way as soon as we walked in. I could also smell the incense burning which made me feel relaxed. It was a comforting experience and the food has never failed to impress me. I recommend this place if you ever need a pit stop and fancy some Thai food, this is the place to visit! 

Santa Clarita Diet Review

On your average hangover Sunday, which some people can relate to… I decided to find a new series to watch when I stumbled across Netflix own ‘Santa Clarita Diet’. Now, I had seen a few celebrities who mentioned it in their Instagram posts so I thought why not give it a go! As some people know, hangovers can be pretty brutal and the last thing you want to watch is something gruesome. One benefit is that Drew Barrymore features in the American series. I cant deny that she was one of my all time favourite actresses when I was young, especially in ET. After one episode I felt that I couldn’t watch any further, however, I gave it a chance on another day when I was feeling more revitalised and fresh, now I am hooked. I love horrors and thrillers, but with the comedy elements, this show definitely has potential. It manages to define the comforting relationship attributes which girls secretly crave in a series. Then on the other hand, it reveals slightly disturbing moments which never destroy the couples true love. I guess the grim scenes would appeal more to men, but that’s all.  I would recommend this series to females who aren’t particularly squeamish. Once watched, please fill me in with your honest thoughts!