I apologise for my absence I have been working literally non stop. It’s hard to find the time to keep up to date with my blogging. However, this weekend I plan to go to London so I will take lots of photos of my little adventure. Peace out!

Incense sticks 

These are my absolute fave! I’ve just brought 10 new incense sticks from a little shop called magic earth. They sell bohemian style jewellery, as well as stones which symbolise different powers for example strength, courage ect. Every month they have tarrow readings which are spot on! I had one a while back and the majority of the information was true. I love having a shop like this nearby because I just feel so at ease whenever I go there.

This is my new coconut incense stick which has made my flat smell divine!

Ten green bottles 

Ever fancied going wine tasting with a loved one or friend? I will tell you about the best place to visit for this kind of experience. Whether you have visited Brighton before, or you want to broaden your travels to somewhere new, this is the place to go! I arranged to visit Ten Green Bottles for my partners surprise birthday. It went down a treat. I came across their website online which told me all about the different events they do. The description was detailed and if anything it did not do it justice. On arrival we were greeted by a lovely lady who then sat us down whilst we waited for our turn. The first thing I noticed was that the environment was welcoming, relaxing and particularly civilised.

We were then shown the first selection of wines, she served us nibbles which complemented the flavours of the vino. Later on, she surprised us with all of her knowledge which was highly impressive. If you aren’t a big wine drinker yourself, you will get to learn about its history and the methods in which it’s produced. My partner is into his science and he found it interesting so this experience is not just targeted at females!

We couldn’t get enough of the nuts and olives that were offered, for a moment we felt like we were abroad. The olives were fresh and the cheese was so well paired which contributed towards the overall experience. As the day went on, I knew that we would leave with a smile on our faces. There was such a great selection of wines that we tasted. We were taught how to identify the notes correctly which will benefit us in the future. Ten green bottles would be on the top of my recommendation list for a great day out!


Meet faith, she’s one of the lights in my life. Me and my partner have had her for a while now and she never fails to put a smile on my face! I suppose when you introduce a pet into the relationship, it’s almost like the beginning of a family.

Whenever I meet a cat for the first time we have an instant connection. Sometimes I wonder whether I’m a cat whisperer, they are instantly drawn to me… it’s such a great feeling being loved by animals!!

Enjoy your day!

Feel good socks

Now I don’t know about you, but isn’t it just the best feeling when you get given a brand new pair of funky socks, especially when they have animals on! Whether you want to show them off in public or simply lounge around in them at home. Be sure that they’ll give you a spring in your step. Another favourite of mine is glittery socks, perfect for evening attire and they’re shining like disco balls!

Panda, panda, panda, panda, panda, panda, panda, panda.

Santa Clarita Diet Review

On your average hangover Sunday, which some people can relate to… I decided to find a new series to watch when I stumbled across Netflix own ‘Santa Clarita Diet’. Now, I had seen a few celebrities who mentioned it in their Instagram posts so I thought why not give it a go! As some people know, hangovers can be pretty brutal and the last thing you want to watch is something gruesome. One benefit is that Drew Barrymore features in the American series. I cant deny that she was one of my all time favourite actresses when I was young, especially in ET. After one episode I felt that I couldn’t watch any further, however, I gave it a chance on another day when I was feeling more revitalised and fresh, now I am hooked. I love horrors and thrillers, but with the comedy elements, this show definitely has potential. It manages to define the comforting relationship attributes which girls secretly crave in a series. Then on the other hand, it reveals slightly disturbing moments which never destroy the couples true love. I guess the grim scenes would appeal more to men, but that’s all.  I would recommend this series to females who aren’t particularly squeamish. Once watched, please fill me in with your honest thoughts!

Who, what, y?

Hello! my name is Jenna Lawrie, but I prefer being called Jen because its short and sweet. Firstly I would like to thank you for taking time out to visit my blog. I know we all have busy lives, but sometimes its nice to escape from reality by being nosey. My intentions are to allow my peers (you), to get an insight to how bizarre and unpredictable my life really is. I’m not a person who is afraid to share it, I am proud of who I’ve become. I suppose you’ll be thinking to yourself, why did this girl use the name BruisedPeach. The answers will be revealed later…