Acne troubles 

If you are one of those unlucky individuals in the world who suffers with acne like I do, then do not panic! I repeat myself, do not panic! It’s one of those things that most commonly people would suffer with in their teenage years, but surprisingly, even people in their 20’s struggle to cope with this problem as well. 

We can all admit to ourselves that it brings us down and makes us feel so worthless. And it all comes down to the fact that in our society, their is a lot of competition between which female has ‘perfect’ skin. Unfortunately we may not be one of those girls, but we do have another quality which makes up for it. 

I kept thinking to myself, what can I personally do to improve my skin? And suddenly it clicked, it became obvious that I wasn’t using any products on my skin which were benefitting me. From a young age I suffered with eczema on my legs, arms and it made me very self conscious as I was growing up. My sensitive skin lead me to be insecure and I never felt comfortable within myself. Especially when going on holidays or simply being around my friends because I felt like the odd one out.

Until I grew older I knew I had to find something which would help cure this acne on my face. The only time makeup is worn will be the weekend, so throughout the week I have bare skin. So I went to John Lewis and treated myself to the dermologica travel kit. I was recommended this by someone in a salon which I visited earlier on that day. Reason being, I got turned away from having a facial that I had booked. These small yet satisfying products have definitely made me want to take care of my skin forever. After using them, your skin feels fresh and it creates a nice shine which tells me that it’s removing the dirt from the pores. I would highly recommend this set to anyone who has faced troubles like mine. 


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