Ten green bottles 

Ever fancied going wine tasting with a loved one or friend? I will tell you about the best place to visit for this kind of experience. Whether you have visited Brighton before, or you want to broaden your travels to somewhere new, this is the place to go! I arranged to visit Ten Green Bottles for my partners surprise birthday. It went down a treat. I came across their website online which told me all about the different events they do. The description was detailed and if anything it did not do it justice. On arrival we were greeted by a lovely lady who then sat us down whilst we waited for our turn. The first thing I noticed was that the environment was welcoming, relaxing and particularly civilised.

We were then shown the first selection of wines, she served us nibbles which complemented the flavours of the vino. Later on, she surprised us with all of her knowledge which was highly impressive. If you aren’t a big wine drinker yourself, you will get to learn about its history and the methods in which it’s produced. My partner is into his science and he found it interesting so this experience is not just targeted at females!

We couldn’t get enough of the nuts and olives that were offered, for a moment we felt like we were abroad. The olives were fresh and the cheese was so well paired which contributed towards the overall experience. As the day went on, I knew that we would leave with a smile on our faces. There was such a great selection of wines that we tasted. We were taught how to identify the notes correctly which will benefit us in the future. Ten green bottles would be on the top of my recommendation list for a great day out!


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