Santa Clarita Diet Review

On your average hangover Sunday, which some people can relate to… I decided to find a new series to watch when I stumbled across Netflix own ‘Santa Clarita Diet’. Now, I had seen a few celebrities who mentioned it in their Instagram posts so I thought why not give it a go! As some people know, hangovers can be pretty brutal and the last thing you want to watch is something gruesome. One benefit is that Drew Barrymore features in the American series. I cant deny that she was one of my all time favourite actresses when I was young, especially in ET. After one episode I felt that I couldn’t watch any further, however, I gave it a chance on another day when I was feeling more revitalised and fresh, now I am hooked. I love horrors and thrillers, but with the comedy elements, this show definitely has potential. It manages to define the comforting relationship attributes which girls secretly crave in a series. Then on the other hand, it reveals slightly disturbing moments which never destroy the couples true love. I guess the grim scenes would appeal more to men, but that’s all.  I would recommend this series to females who aren’t particularly squeamish. Once watched, please fill me in with your honest thoughts!


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